Produkt-, Prozess- und Servicequalität bei Mawick

Certified production processes ensure the highest quality - from start to finish.

Quality assurance is a guarantee of meeting the requirements and satisfaction of our customers. As a far-reaching objective, we strive to increase efficiency, reduce costs, avoid errors and protect the environment and resources.

Therefore, we aim to continuously improve our products, work processes, services and working conditions. This applies equally to injection molding and blow molding technology at Mawick.

During production, the quality of the items is constantly monitored. With the help of a CAQ system and automated quality data collection across all machines, the quality of the manufactured products is regularly checked and all recorded data is saved and archived.

It is not only machines and automated systems that ensure quality for us, but above all people. Every employee makes their contribution here and takes our principle to heart: avoiding errors instead of correcting them.

We achieve the fulfillment of customer-specific quality specifications and standards through integrated processes that are continuously further developed.

This includes in particular the areas:

  • Tool-supported, interdisciplinary process and project management
  • Process development parallel to product development
  • Full traceability of all manufacturing and testing processes using automated data acquisition in BDE and CAQ systems
  • Tactile, optical and visual quality checks
  • Digital acquisition of SPC dimensions
  • Selection and development of suppliers with our supplier management
  • Consideration of the environment as a certified ÖKOPROFIT company

In addition, there are our methods for optimizing service quality

  • Competent contacts
  • Short response times
  • Proactive problem solving
  • Transparent organization
  • Short decision paths

With the environmental and sustainability guidelines derived from our corporate philosophy, strategic tools are used to ensure quality at all times. We also actively demand these standards from our suppliers. Because quality and social and ecological standards are not a question of location, but of mentality and trade.

These values, together with our ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certifications and additional customer-specific requirements, form the basis of our corporate management system