Mawick produces high quality injection molded parts and assemblies according to cleanliness level 2 (VDA 19.2)

In industry, the "technical cleanliness" of parts and components has become a decisive factor in quality assurance. Even the smallest particles can contaminate the injection molded parts and lead to malfunctions and defects in the later operation of the components.

Technical cleanliness poses a particular challenge for the plastic injection molding process, because contamination on plastic injection molded parts can only be removed with great effort. For this reason, sensitive plastic injection molded parts and assemblies must be produced particularly cleanly.

Since mid-2017, Mawick has had clean room production for these particularly sensitive parts and components. Here, based on VDA 19.2, parts with increased cleanliness requirements can be manufactured in cleanliness level 2, such as high-quality injection molded parts and assemblies for engines, air conditioning systems, transmissions, electronic housings, steering and brake systems, fuel injection, headlight and lamp components.</ p>

Higher standards of cleanliness can be achieved by an additional enclosure of production areas within clean room production, depending on customer requirements.

Mawick offers you 800 m2 of production space for your future product ideas

  • More than 800 m2 of production space for clean room production
  • Hall within the hall - with its own ventilation system, material lock and encapsulated machine connections
  • sustainable production method through documented particle measurements
  • anti-static sealed hall floor is particularly dirt-repellent
  • 10t crane system for handling injection molding tools