After production, we also take care of the best possible further processing of your plastic products.

We assemble and weld directly on site, can paint, print, hot stamp or steam.

Welding technology – connecting plastic reliably

Mawick uses all relevant technologies to reliably connect plastic parts.

Using welding processes, Mawick reliably serves all common requirements to permanently join plastic injection molded parts.

As early as the design stage, Mawick, with its many years of know-how, can provide customers with process-neutral and objective advice and seeks the challenges that the field of thermoplastics offers.

  • Heating element welding machines
  • Friction welding machines
  • Ultrasonic welding machines

Finishing processes – making plastic unmistakable

In further processing, plastic products become unmistakable.

As a manufacturer of high-quality plastic items, Mawick has been involved with the finishing of molded plastic parts from the very beginning. A wide variety of processes are used for customers to create a high-quality product from a mundane plastic part.

Through finishing processes, Mawick customers receive a perfectly shaped plastic product that is unmistakable in all respects.

  • Hot Stamping
  • Pad print
  • Paintwork
  • Steaming
  • Foiling and pasting

Assembly assembly

From the individual part to the finished product: On request, we not only supply the items that we have injection molded, but also take care of the component assembly and final assembly.

Precise assembly of assemblies of our plastic injection molded and blow molded parts is a matter of course for us. Whether it's adjusting wheels, brackets, soundproofing tromsols or screw groups of the headlight housings, every step of assembly assembly is always carried out conscientiously and checked. On request, the components can be delivered ready-made in sales packaging.

  • Assembly Assembly
  • Confection
  • Package