As a medium-sized producer and employer, Mawick always bases its actions on fundamental values. Sustainable value creation is therefore an important part of our philosophy. We do not see sustainability as a separate topic, but instead anchor sustainable value creation at the core of our business activities and strategy.

The sustainability framework in brief

The sustainability framework includes the three key areas of economic, ecological and social goals, which are reflected in the company through the products, climate and environmental protection, resources and all employees.

A clear, long-term ambition was set for each focus area:

  • Mawick, in cooperation with customers and suppliers, strives for innovative products and solutions that ensure a sustainable life cycle.
  • To protect the climate and the environment, Mawick intends to decouple resource consumption from business growth and thus reduce the ecological footprint.
  • Moreover, Mawick wants to offer a diverse, motivating and secure workplace and ensure the best possible environmental conditions.

Mawick's ambitions with regard to the defined priorities and goals correspond to the sustainability goals of the United Nations, the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs. This alignment helps the company not only meet the needs of its customers and employees, but also the needs of the community in which it operates.