Since 1958, Mawick has been constantly focussed on the
development of plastic injection moulding technology


In the early 1980s, Josef Mawick began a further phase of expansion in the business through new investment in production and development. With the construction of a 5,000m2 production hall this became clear for all to see.  As the pressure of competition in the plastics industry increased, the company successfully faced up to this with the automation of production processes and the provision of services such as component assembly, finishing, conditioning and logistics. 

In this way Mawick was able to win new customers and build up its customer base. With the start of computer-aided design (CAD) a revolution in product development began, which brought forth ever more complex shapes and plastic products.

Mawick invested again – in a computer-aided development and design department, positioned directly upstream of the tool shop.


The rapid development and implementation of new product ideas and production possibilities in plastics technology were an opportunity for Mawick to demonstrate its innovative prowess and capabilities and to master these new challenges. Thus, in 200,1 a high-rack storage facility,  capable of holding 8,600 pallets, and a new administration wing were brought into operation, followed in 2006 by a 1,500-tonne injection moulding machine. 

In 2008, the family business looked back with pride on a 50-year long success story. Together with numerous employees, customers and their families, the Mawick family celebrated their business anniversary at the company premises.