At the heart of our production operation are the plastic injection moulding machines that are in use around the clock

A total of up to 50 injection moulding machines with a closing force of between 50 and 1,500 tonnes are available for your products. We have several of almost all machine sizes, enabling us to react quickly and flexibly to customer requests. Our machines are also in use seven days a week.

Annually we produce around 70 million products. Their individual weights vary from 1 gram up to 6 kilograms.  To be able to offer this wide range, we use a multitude of methods: injection moulding, single and multi-component injection moulding, gas injection moulding and injection embossing are just as possible, as insert moulding or heat-sealing.

Injection moulding machines with a
   closing force of 50
1,500 tonnes

Bonding of plastic parts using heating
   element, ultrasonic 
   friction bonding

Single and multi-component injection

Gas injection moulding

Injection embossing

Insert moulding

Product finishing by painting,
   metallising, printing or hot-stamping