Mawick is able
to respond to all customer requests

The materials that we use and their compositions are as diverse as the products that we make. 

Using around 8,000 tonnes of raw materials a year in over 200 dye and material compositions, Mawick handles the full spectrum of injection moulding plastics, from high-volume plastic, such as polyolefins, all the way to high-performance plastics from the highly heat-resistant thermoplastics field. Mawick is able to respond to all customer requests and to work with the corresponding plastics. 

We procure our raw materials exclusively from major name, certified manufacturers, thus ensuring our customers injection moulded products  are consistently high quality.

Special features of the plastics that are available include:

UV stabilised
Suitable for use with foodstuffs
Fire-retardant finish
Propellant modified
Lubricant modified
Long glass-fibre reinforced
Electrically conductive